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Tomorrow!! #revengebody #khloekardashian


  1. isabellmotley52

    I'm 64and I would like to know how to fix myself up. Your mother is beautiful for her age. And you look gorgeous

  2. chelsea_suepke

    @emilie_becker obsessed

  3. imk3vt

    Ugly then, ugly now. Her body or face was never the issue, it's the shit morals of this shit family.

  4. elinamasai

    Things money can buy

  5. motcomfy

    Truly a revenge body indeed

  6. rojhenkonjedii


  7. sarahmac____

    Wow @v.ramosss what a difference money makes

  8. ayseeezz


  9. teacher042683

    Love you!!!!! You are the best!!! Such a true kind hearted woman❤❤❤

  10. ms_arebalo

    It should be called "The Bought Revenge Body"

  11. _caitlynms


  12. ansafrina

    @marsyachairuna ❤️❤️😍😍😍

  13. emilyfox

    @queen.rq me but flip flopped 😢

  14. raquelhrn

    @emilyfox Hush! We are working out tomorrow 💃🏻

  15. snklc9


  16. geenawessling

    @joelleluise wtf

  17. joelleluise

    @geenawessling wie krass 😂

  18. trying2.bperfect

    I love how all of the people hating here are grown women. Real mature😂

  19. kuky_more


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