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@nsimonsen 's obsession with @seal has reached new heights. But I guess we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy, right? Super fun show with @terrestrialsmusic @flynneffect & @enlightbandau at the workers club last night. As a parting gift, enjoy a shot of @chri_stofer 's junk. Happy Monday! 🥁💋🥀 @cautionthieves @pearl_drums @zildjiancompany @vicfirth @drumtacs @snareweight @remopercussion


  1. perrydegennaro

    Sounding awesome man! That kit sounds phenomenal! :)

  2. thadouglife

    @perrydegennaro it's not bad hey! Good old maple/mahogany masterworks mixed by @kevbrokenscar

  3. autonomylost

    Kiss from a Rose is the greatest pop song ever written and mushroomhead cover of crazy is the best metal cover of a pop song of all time

  4. thadouglife

    @autonomylost I can see why you & old mate @nsimonsen get along so well.

  5. hoodmentality

    Hahahaha yesssssss he actually did it. You da man @nsimonsen

  6. mattylansdown


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