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My Facebook anniversary notification (can't believe that shit is a thing now) reposted the live stream of today a year ago. I was in Barcelona with @caspianofficial at the beginning of shooting this film. It was also the last time I was on tour before this @defeaterband run. If you didn't get the chance to check out the film then hit the link in my bio on here (it's 10 minutes long). It was a film that myself and Phil Jamieson came up with around a fire pit in Beverly, MA, USA at @jacobikenobi's birthday. "What do we do next?" said Phil, and after a few minutes drinking more Trader Joe's Simpler Times I replied "we need to make a film, not a music video, a short film. Terrence Malick style. Wholly artistic. Showing a tour". Phil loved it and we got the label backing after the pitch and hit the road. After I asked Phil if he had any random sound recordings (something he does a lot on his travels), to which he sent me a Dropbox link full of stuff. One of the clips in there was a recording he's grabbed in his car one evening on a long drive; a random motivational speech on dealing with anger and frustration. Knowing that myself and Caspian often face a lot of those creatively, it felt right to use it. I could see it playing the the van and hear a car horn blasting out before just getting taken away from all the bullshit to somewhere peaceful. It so happened that was a field in the French alps we had been walking around in. There are a lot of hidden metaphors in the film I won't go into, but please give it a watch and heed those words at the start if your life is causing you frustration or anguish... "if there's a storm, let it rage; It will resolve into calm. The goal is not to love just the sunny days and hate the storm; it's to understand all weather is progress". Those words now play out through a PA when the guys play the song live, and I love that more than anything. I've had a chance again to give something back to some people who have inspired me for years. #filmmaking  #caspian  #shortfilm  #castleshigh  #director 


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